WWE Super ShowDown 2020 Results, Winners, Losers Of Saudi Arabia PPV

WWE Super ShowDown aired a very newsworthy, albeit sluggish, pay-per-view that ended in shocking fashion as Goldberg defeated The Fiend inside of two minutes with multiple spears and a Jackhammer.

As the WrestleMania picture continues to be shaken up, amid a possible WWE return to pay-per-view, all signs now point to The Fiend taking on John Cena while Goldberg appears to be on a collision course with Roman Reigns.

As always, there were plenty of big winners and losers on the Saudi showcase with WWE’s biggest show of the year steadily approaching.

Winner: AJ Styles

The Undertaker made things somewhat official for WrestleMania 36, chokeslamming AJ Styles to steal the Tuwaiq Trophy from under his nose.

Styles is now slated for a plush WrestleMania program with the event’s most decorated star as the Phenomenal One is set to pull off the rare modern-day feat of working five consecutive singles matches at WrestleMania.

Loser: R-Truth

Yes, R-Truth piled up the victories during the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match, but he was essentially rendered a crash-test dummy, getting destroyed by both Bobby Lashley and Erick Rowan following fluke victories.

A (legitimately funny) midcard comedy act, Truth’s stock in WWE was hardly affected in WWE, however this may have been the only instance of a wrestler getting three victories in one night and remaining stuck in neutral.

Loser: Humberto Carrillo

When Andrade went down with a wellness suspension last month, the stars appeared to be aligning for Humberto Carrillo, who became a beneficiary by laying out his rival with a Hammerlock DDT. Enter Angel Garza, who has dominated his series of matches against Cousin Carrillo. Carrillo also found himself on the wrong end of feuds with AJ Styles and the aforementioned Andrade.

With limited promo ability and zero credibility with this audience, Carrillo’s stock is falling fast on the main roster.

Winner: Mansoor

Mansoor once again came off as a big star inside his hometown, though he did receive some light boos and stuck an awkward landing on Ziggler with his finishing moonsault.

Mansoor was featured on the WWE NXT pre-show earlier this month and quickly endeared himself to the American crowd as he has many times in the past. I don’t know what WWE is waiting for, but in a company starved of top babyfaces and star power, Mansoor at the very least deserves a stint on the main roster.

Loser: Ricochet

Ricochet was a big loser here. WWE spent the entire buildup laughing at the notion that Ricochet could hang with Brock Lesnar, which is typically a precursor to an underdog giving Lesnar a run for his money.

That didn’t even come close to happening as the detractors were proven right with a squash loss to Lesnar. Ricochet will now have to start from scratch moving forward, and as the WrestleMania card continues to fill up, he should be content to even have a spot on the kickoff show as he looks to rehab his credibility as a babyface.

Loser: Black History Month

R-Truth (who did have three victories within the Gauntlet), Bobby Lashley, The New Day, The Street Profits, Ricochet (?) all lost as African-American Superstars went 0-6 on the final pay-per-view of Black History Month.

Throw in Montez Ford’s loss from Monday night and Bianca Belair’s loss on WWE NXT this past Wednesday, and February ended on a decidedly sour note for people of color in a company dominated by white excellence.

Winner: Goldberg

At age 53, Goldberg completed an unlikely journey back to the top of WWE as he defeated piping-hot heel The Fiend in short order to become a two-time WWE Universal champion. The writing seemed to be on the wall that Goldberg could pull off the upset as WWE’s return to traditional pay-per-view appears inevitable and a Goldberg world championship match at the promotion’s biggest show better justifies what could be a $60 price tag.

Loser: The Fiend

WWE appears as if it still intends to protect Bray Wyatt’s creation—he immediately recovered from Goldberg’s Jackhammer before disappearing, and is reportedly in line for a match against John Cena—but this was certainly a low point for the character.

The Fiend exacted very little offense on Goldberg before being Speared into oblivion and defeated, suffering his first loss. The Fiend can hardly suffer another loss as his once-dominant stronghold on the WWE main event picture slowly begins to slip away.

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